Iris, the one and only
I’m Iris Grey. I’m 20. I’m a bit of an outcast since I'm genetically... different. It's a long story. Stay, if you want; the coffee should be done soon. [[indie oc rp blog. tracking msirisgrey. sidebar edit from captain-of-the-uss-enterprise]]
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A Full Moon || Open RP

It was late, but Iris didn’t care. She couldn’t sleep the past few nights, and she was getting a terrible case of cabin fever. So tonight, she was sitting on the steps outside her apartment, enjoying the crisp air; a half empty bottle of bourbon  wrapped in a brown paper bag at her side.

She started whistling, an old tune that she didn’t remember where she learned it. It rang out in the night air, filling the silence with it’s melancholy song.

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    The full effect of the alcohol was hitting him, leaving him slightly lightheaded. But Dean didn’t mind, and chuckled...
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    "You bet your ass, Dean" She took a deep breath, the alcohol quickly going to her head, making it pound. But Iris’ grin...