Iris, the one and only
I’m Iris Grey. I’m 20. I’m a bit of an outcast since I'm genetically... different. It's a long story. Stay, if you want; the coffee should be done soon. [[indie oc rp blog. tracking msirisgrey. sidebar edit from captain-of-the-uss-enterprise]]
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Garden of Statues || Open RP

The air was still and rather silent. Even the birds were silent. It made the cemetery even more solemn that it usually was. But even in the hustle of the city, this was one of the few places things were quiet… just what Iris needed. Of course, until she heard footsteps, and sighed. “Even in a cemetery" she muttered, looking around from the tree branch she was sitting on. "..can’t get any time to myself."

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    "The city isn’t that big,” he told her, already moving off since he didn’t even know what to else to say past that...